Earth Suite - Villa Copenhagen



Earth Studio has developed a concept for sustainable luxury suites in the new hotel Villa Copenhagen. We are looking forward to welcome you in "Earth Suite" April 1st 2020.

"Villa Copenhagen is a dream client in that they share our ambitions and sustainability agenda. Our partnership is a fantastic opportunity for us to design and realize what we care most about and specialize in; environmentally friendly interiors.

We’re hoping to show guests that sustainability can go hand in hand with luxury, comfort and an all-in-all unforgettable hotel experience. Regardless of the project, we always set out to create designs and interiors of top quality. We don’t want to force the sustainability aspect if it means we won’t arrive at the best possible result, look and feel. Then, of course, there are certain things you expect as a visitor when you book yourself into a luxury suite. It should be comfortable with classic conveniences provided throughout the space.

It’s our duty to take care of the environment and use our craft and expertise for the better, but it’s also vital to us, as architects, that the suite is memorable to people for other reasons than its environmentally friendly focus and features. It has to be an incredibly experience throughout, and we want to introduce fun and surprising elements to the space."
Eva Harlou, CEO Earth Studio